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Why Do More People Choose Us for Their Vasectomy Reversal Than Any Other Clinic in the US?

World Class Results

  • #1 in US for reversals - we perform more reversals weekly than any other clinic in US by several-fold (15-25 cases weekly, more than 750 per year)

  • Dr. Trost is a fellowship trained fertility surgeon and the former head of male infertility at the Mayo Clinic, where he and his team trained residents and fellows to perform vasectomy reversals

  • 85% of our patients are interstate or international (click for interstate / international page)

  • First in world to publish office-based complex vasectomy reversals under local anesthesia

  • Inventors of the ReVas surgical technique (click for details) - improves success rates 6-11 fold

  • Able to perform epididymovasostomies when needed (click for details)


  • Most affordable in the United States guaranteed - if lower published rate found for equivalent procedure, we'll pay you $100 (click for details) --- (video link - how our prices are so low)

  • No compromise in surgical quality despite affordable price - procedures are the same which were performed by our team while at the Mayo Clinic

  • Only low-cost center US which performs 'complete' reversals (vasovasostomy or epididymovasostomy if required) - other low-cost centers only perform vasovasostomies

  • Several package options available including standard and vasovasostomy only, as well as full anesthesia options (click for more info)

  • Accepting CareCredit (no interest financing x 6 months - click for link)

Convenience and Experience

  • 45 minutes from SLC International Airport

  • Free online estimated success rate (click for details)

  • Visit and surgery on same day (click to schedule)

  • Video, phone, or office consults available (click to schedule)

  • Direct access to surgeons post-op

  • Option for partners to observe procedure

Success Stories and Testimonials

December 2023

"Was extremely nervous but staff addressed all my concerns and made sure I was calm and comfortable. Extremely professional and courteous staff all around to ensure we fully understood everything and had the best experience possible."

December 2023

"Extremely professional experience from start to finish. All the staff are second to none. So pleased I decided to to fly in from New York State. Definitely the right decision."

November 2023

"Everyone was super nice and supportive. I am terrified of needles and surgery in general, but the Surgeon (Josh) and the assistant helped me relax and talked me through the procedure. It was so painless after the initial numbing that I actually fell asleep during the procedure."

November 2023

"The service, professionalism, and care that this team of doctors show you is incredible. They are all highly trained and extremely knowledgeable. You are contacted multiple times to check in and make sure everything is going well. Any questions or concerns, they answer immediately. We received services from the clinic. We have been successful for obtaining pregnancy!"

October 2023

"We had a great experience with the Peyronie’s clinic, the facility is beautiful and calming. The staff were very professional and helpful, they walked us through the steps of the procedure while answering any questions we had. Our physician was skilled and competent, he was able to complete the surgery in the time quoted us. I would definitely recommend Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic to anyone."

December 2023

"This clinic is truly great. They take wonderful care of you, provide all the amswers you could need for success, and have highly skilled professionals. The procedure is definitely anxiety inducing but they do a good job putting you at ease. Topping off all of that, they are highly affordable. I would recommend anyone wanting a reversal. A huge thank you to Dr. Savage and Zooey."

October 2023

"This clinic was very professional. We traveled from Michigan and we were honestly very nervous. They answered all of our questions and were very hospitable. I went through the reversal procedure with Dr. Brearton. He was very professional, helpful and encouraging. We are excited to see the results for this procedure and are very grateful for the continued involvement of the clinic in this process as they help us on our path to fertility."

December 2023

"Excellent. From my first point of contact over a year before my surgery to recovery afterwards, everything was extremely well done. All staff were extremely friendly and answered all my questions. The recovery room even had a large leather sofa with snacks and a television. The price was affordable and reasonable. They truly make children a priority to families and it shows!"

December 2023

"I had my vasectomy reversal May 24th of 2023. It was the best overall experience I have ever had. The office is amazing, the staff is incredible and they treated my wife really, really well. Two months post surgery and we were already expecting. I highly recommend this clinic if you’re looking for a vasectomy reversal. 10/10 STARS!!! Dr. Landon Trost is an absolute rockstar!!!"

September 2023

"Boyyy ! Let me tell you how great our experience was! Vasectomy Reversal Doc Riley Warner and Anesthesiologist Jake Hunsaker did an astounding job with everything. Very detail oriented, made sure we knew exactly what was going on at all times, answered any and all questions we had. I couldn’t be happier with the results. My husband was extremely nervous going into the surgery, and they made sure he was comfortable and didn’t feel any pain. He said it was the easiest surgery he’s ever had.
The staff was very friendly and supportive! I highly recommend this establishment for anyone wanting a vasectomy reversal. Thanks again for everything!"

November 2023

"My wife and I are from Seattle area and vascetomy reversals out of pocket in our area are very costly. In June of 2022 my wife and I flew to SLC and had the reversal performed by Dr. Savage.

The clinic was clean, the staff very friendly and professional. I had no issues with the procedure.

Fast forward to November of 2023 and my wife and I are now 16 weeks pregnant with a boy! Thank you to Dr. Savage and the staff at the clinic for helping to make this possible!"

September 2023

"MFPC exceeded all of my expectations! Everything from the plethora of information available on the website to the procedure and in office experience to the incredible staff and excellent communication before, during, and after. THANK YOU for helping us with our journey to restore fertility!"

January 2024

...We made the 16 hour drive to Orem for surgery in June of 2020 and had an outstanding experience with Dr. Trost. I can't say enough about how professional, knowledgeable, personable, and supportive he is!!! My husband said the whole experience was the best time he's ever had in a clinic or hospital....

February 2024

"This is the nicest, and cleanest medical facility I have ever seen. I have a degree in Health Information management, my family has worked in healthcare for ages, and I am a recent patient at this location. They are organized, professional, and efficient. This is the smoothest medical procedure I have ever had done."

March 2024

"Male Fertility and Peyronie Clinic is amazing. They go out of their way to help their patients and truly want to help you build a family. I would always recommend this clinic to any male that needs help with family goals."

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Video explaining how a vasectomy reversal is performed, including the decision as to whether or not a vasovasostomy or epididymovasostomy is needed.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Video demonstrating the ReVas technique developed by Dr. Landon Trost during his time at the Mayo Clinic.  Results from the technique have led to an 8x higher pregnancy rate within the first year after vasectomy reversal compared to more traditional approaches.

A Message From Dr. Trost

"Without a doubt, one of the greatest sources of happiness in life is family.  When we first sought to open a fertility and vasectomy reversal practice, our top priority was doing everything in our power to help couples have a child.

To do this, we first sought to increase access for those who may not otherwise have a connection with a specialist in vasectomy reversals.  This was done through offering online video visits (many states), email for questions, online success estimators, and even my direct cell phone (for patients who undergo surgery).  It was our hope that in doing so, this would open up opportunities for some couples who may not have the means to travel for a consult with a vasectomy reversal specialist.

Additionally, it was important to provide the highest quality care through use of every technique shown to improve outcomes.  This included an operating microscope, 10-0 sutures, performance of epididymovasostomies when required, high-volume surgical experience, and use of a novel technique that we pioneered and published (ReVas).

It was also key to make this high quality care affordable.  Most couples can't afford to do fertility treatments again and again.

And finally, we wanted to run a practice based strongly on principles of morality, integrity, and ethical behavior.  I always loved the concept at the Mayo Clinic that the needs of the patient come first, and I wanted to replicate that fully in my practice.  We also never take any money from drug companies, industry, or anything else that may cause any degree of conflict of interest for us.  In fact, the only thing we receive any external funding on at all are things that we have invented.  Although this means giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, it's the right thing to do.  We also donate a portion of clinical proceeds to charity to contribute to ongoing research and development.

By accomplishing the objectives noted above, it is our genuine hope that we can help more couples achieve their goals of creating their own forever family."

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