Select Your Surgery

Standard (Best for Fertility)

  • Recommended Option for Fertility
  • Office Procedure (no risks of general anesthesia)*
  • Optimal Success Rate
  • Either Vasovasostomy or Epididymovasostomy (if required)
  • Operating Microscope
  • Avoids Risks and Costs of IV Sedation
  • Reduced Price if Redo Reversal Required

Vaso-vasostomy Only

  • Similar Package to Reversal Surgeons Who do not Perform Epididymovasostomies
  • Best for Testicular Pain
  • Office Procedure with Light Sedation and Numbing*
  • Operating Microscope
  • Avoids Risks and Costs of IV Sedation
  • Not Recommended for Fertility
  • Lower Success Rate for Fertility (why?)
  • No Reduced Price for Redo Surgery (if needed)

Note: Upgrades (VV only to Standard) or downgrades (Standard to VV only) are not possible on the day of surgery but must be decided in advance of surgery and are based on availability.

*Option for full anesthesia also available for an additional $1,000.  If this option is desired, please call our office to schedule.

Option to use CareCredit is available (6-months interest free financing).  For more information on signing up for CareCredit, visit  Once signed up, you may call our office to assist with scheduling.

Cancellation Policy - surgery must be cancelled at least 2 weeks before the date of surgery to receive a full refund.  Click for full policy.

Insurance Policy - these procedures are not run through insurance and are performed via our sister affiliate, Laboratory and Procedural Services. All procedures are done as a cash-pay service only.  This is one of the main reasons we are able to offer these services at the lowest price in the US.

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