Select Your Surgery

Standard (Best for Fertility)

  • Recommended Option for Fertility
  • Office procedure with light sedation and numbing
  • Optimal Success Rate
  • Either Vasovasostomy or Epididymovasostomy (if required)
  • Operating Microscope
  • Avoids Risks and Costs of IV Sedation
  • OPTION for Money Back Guarantee*
  • Reduced Price if Redo Reversal Required

Vaso-vasostomy Only

  • Best for Testicular Pain
  • Office procedure with light sedation and numbing
  • Operating Microscope
  • Avoids Risks and Costs of IV Sedation
  • Not Recommended for Fertility
  • Lower Success Rate for Fertility (why?)
  • No Option for Money Back Guarantee
  • Similar Package to Majority of Other Reversal Surgeons (who do not perform epididymovasostomies)

Note: Upgrades (VV only to Standard) or downgrades (Standard to VV only) are not possible on the day of surgery but must be decided in advance of surgery and are based on availability.

*Guarantee Details: If you would like to add a money-back guarantee, this may be selected at the time of scheduling for an additional $500.  The full money back guarantee applies only to the Standard and Full Anesthesia options and does NOT apply to the Lowest Price option.  The guarantee also only applies to first-time reversals (not redo surgery) with two testicles and no exposure to chemotherapy after the vasectomy.  Men who have the guarantee will receive a refund if both of the following conditions are not met: at least 5 million sperm in the ejaculate at 1 year on two analyses or have achieved a successful pregnancy (live birth).  Please note, patients who use CareCredit will be refunded the amount that CareCredit pays to our clinic (typically reduced by 5-10%) and not necessarily the amount paid to CareCredit (e.g. interest).  Additionally, we will abide by CareCredit's policies, which may include refunding the money directly to CareCredit if a balance is present.  Patients must also be off of testosterone therapy for at least 6 months preceding the 1 year semen analyses, as testosterone will naturally reduce sperm production.  Additionally, patients who specifically choose to perform a sterilizing procedure (e.g. vasectomy within the time period of refund) after the reversal will not be candidates for the money back guarantee.  Semen samples should be obtained with 5-7 days abstinence.

Option for full anesthesia also available for an additional $2,000.  If this option is desired, please call our office to schedule.

Option to use CareCredit is available (6-months interest free financing).  For more information on signing up for CareCredit, visit  Once signed up, you may call our office to assist with scheduling.

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