Pricing Information


Pricing is always challenging to provide specifics as everyone's insurance plan varies significantly.  If you would like us to check your insurance to see what it does and does not cover, click the button below (will take you to a form to complete).


  • Office Consultation Typically covered by insurance (out of pocket varies by insurance plan)
  • Video Visit Free
  • Penile Ultrasound Typically covered by insurance (out of pocket varies by insurance plan)


  • Xiaflex Depends on deductible (most patients with <$1000 out of pocket for full series of 8 injections after reimbursements). Our office will check your insurance to provide you a more accurate estimate prior to finalizing treatment plans. Most insurances cover this therapy, including Medicare / Medicaid.
  • Interferon $200 per injection. Typically 12 injections performed over 12 weeks. Insurance typically does not cover.
  • Penile Traction $525 for RestoreX device. Insurance reimburses in approximately 30% of cases.
  • Penile Plication Surgery $2,000.
  • Incision and Grafting $3,000.
  • Extratunical Grafting $2,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance is very complicated.  Every insurance carrier has different "allowable" amounts and also has different rules for the individuals who carry the insurance policy.  As an example, you may have an in-network policy that has met the out of pocket max for the year.  In that case, you will pay nothing for all services that are covered within the plan.  However, despite that, certain services may be excluded by your insurance carrier, and you may ultimately be responsible for paying for those services, even though you met your out of pocket maximum already.  Additionally, if your insurance carrier permits balance billing, you may also have additional out of pocket expenses, even though you met your out of pocket maximum.  Because of this, the best way to know what your final expenses will be is to receive an estimate prior to visiting the clinic.

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