Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

This video provides an overview of how a vasectomy reversal is performed.  Digital animations are used to help explain the intra-operative decision making which goes on to decide whether a vasovasostomy (VV - "simple") repair is performed or an epididymovasostomy (EV - "complex") repair.  This helps to explain why the overall success rates are higher for men who undergo the "Standard" vasectomy reversal package compared to the "Vasovasostomy" only one.  It also helps emphasize why it is important to assure that whichever surgeon you select is able to perform epididymovasostomies if needed.

ReVas Technique

This video discusses the ReVas technique which was developed by Dr. Landon Trost during his time at the Mayo Clinic.  The procedure has resulted in a significant improvement in overall outcomes, including a roughly 8x higher pregnancy rate in the first year following reversal.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do you have two packages available for reversal?

How are your prices so low?

Should I Cryopreserve Sperm?

Should I Do IVF or a Reversal?

Will a Reversal Help Testicular Pain?

Pre and Post-op Instructions

Risk Factors that May Reduce Success Rates

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