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Why Do People Choose Us for Their MicroTESE Procedure?


  • Dr. Trost is the former head of male infertility at the Mayo Clinic, where he and his team trained residents and fellows to perform microTESE procedures

  • Experienced surgical providers - routinely perform 15+ male fertility procedures weekly (among the highest in the US)

  • 90% of our patients are interstate or international (click for interstate / international page)

  • First in world to publish office-based microTESE procedures under local anesthesia

Cost Effective

  • Lowest price for a microTESE in the United States - if you can find a lower rate, we'll match it

  • $2,500 includes all costs except shipping (if required)

  • Able to ship specimen to other states or countries - we regularly work with REI centers from around the US

  • Accepting CareCredit (no interest financing x 6 months - click for link)

Convenience and Experience

  • Nationally recognized fertility expert with >100 scientific publications

  • 45 minutes from SLC International Airport

  • Visit and surgery on same day (click to schedule)

  • Video, phone, or office consults available (click to schedule)

  • Direct access to surgeons post-op

  • Option for partners to observe procedure in surgical suite

Success Stories and Testimonials

September 2022 Testimonial

Good morning Dr Trost and staff,

"My husband had a reversal with you on Thursday June 9th. Due to his out of town work schedule we were unable to try on my first cycle, however we were able to try on my second cycle and we just discovered I am pregnant! We cannot thank you all enough. You have helped our family to give our fertility back to the Lord. God is so good! We will continue to pray for all of you and the work you do. Many thanks and many blessings! The Chvojicek Family!" 


September 2022 Testimonial

"Office staff was very professional And helpful with any questions we had prior and after surgery. We live in IL and was worth the trip out for the procedure!"

September 2022 Testimonial

"I had an amazing experience at this clinic. The staff was nice and they knew what they were doing. Dr. Trost answered all of my questions and it was a great experience. I flew in from NC for the reversal and I don’t have any regrets about it. I was nervous flying in to an unknown state and going to a clinic all by myself but they made me feel safe and at home. I would recommend this clinic to anyone that needs a reversal."

September 2022 Testimonial

  • "Fantastic experience from beginning to end. All employees were very pleasant. They had toys for the kids to play with in the waiting area, and allowed them to take the toys into the family waiting area joined to my procedure room. Also had TVs and snacks and drinks for the kids which made everything easier. Overall, great place!"

September 2022 Testimonial

"Absolute professional experience from everyone. Fantastic, friendly staff. Personable, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous experience. A year of research into whom I would trust with my health and procedure brought me to this clinic and it was the right choice. My wife and I flew in from out of country and even given the logistics this was a great decision. Thanks MFPC!"

September 2022 Testimonial

"We are so thankful to Dr. Trost and all involved with making our little Noah. Thank you again for everything!!"

September 2022 Testimonial

"Clean, modern facility, doctor and assistants were nice, explained everything thoroughly, answered questions, etc. Made the experience very easy to go through."

September 2022 Testimonial

"We are from Maine, so we decided to make an adventure out of it!  We flew to Tucson, AZ a week before the procedure, and explored various national parks, enjoyed local cuisine, and really connected as a couple.  When the big day arrived, we were very connected and although I was very nervous, I was met with that compassion I spoke about. It reassured me.  Josh operated on me, and was the utmost professional."  

August 2022 Testimonial

"I been trying with different doctors my health problem but no one has finding out what’s going on with my Until some doctor referral to me the Peyronie’s clinic and the doctor London soon I have my first appointment he tells me what’s my problem and start treatment right away so far I am so happy and see my improvement slowly but is on the way."


August 2022 Testimonial

"This was the best experience possible for this procedure. All of the staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I truly could not have asked for better! I highly recommend this clinic!"

August 2022 Testimonial

My experience with this clinic was top notch from beginning to end. I had personal and clear communication from the doctor and staff including phone calls pre-op. The environment was clean and inviting and the staff was so genuinely caring and friendly. I was about as comfortable as one could be and my wife was well taken care of and tended to while my procedure was taking place. She was able to come and go as she pleased to check in on me and the process and was able to see live results and indicators which was encouraging and educationally fascinating. I was given clear instruction post-op and Dr. Trost was highly encouraging and informative. Now I need only wait and hope for a future outcome. I have total confidence that the quality of care was top notch and that if my wife and I hoped for any chance of conceiving, then this clinic was not only our best chance but also highly affordable. What a grace to receive best in class care at best in class cost. Thank you for what you do!

Common Questions

Most of our patients travel from out of state for microTESE procedures.  Once scheduled, patients arrive on the day of surgery and have an initial consultation followed by the procedure.  Only men who are sure that they need a microTESE procedure should preschedule surgery.  After the procedure is completed, our team will spend several hours searching for sperm.  If sperm are identified for IVF, we will then freeze (cryopreserve) the specimen and will arrange transportation with your IVF/ICSI team.  We typically use a 3rd party to ship the specimen (Cryoport), and the cost of shipping is usually $650-750 for interstate transportation. 

Men who have non-obstructive azoospermia are good candidates for a microTESE procedure.  In other words, these are men who have no sperm in their ejaculate and do not have a cause for the low count (i.e. prior vasectomy or inguinal hernia repair).  They often have elevated FSH hormone values, and the testicles may be smaller than average.

All of our fertility services are offered 'at cost.'  Because we are able to perform the procedure with local anesthesia (with or without mild sedation), this eliminates two major costs: hospital and anesthesia fees.  This allows us to perform the same procedure but without the added overhead costs which usually accompany these procedures.  However, it is important to note that we have not compromised the surgical procedure quality in any way. 

Our success rates are similar to other published rates (60-70%).  However, it is important to recognize that this is the chance of finding at least one sperm during the procedure and does not necessarily mean that there will be enough sperm to proceed with IVF/ICSI.  In reality, we are only able to find enough sperm to proceed with IVF/ICSI in about half of the cases where sperm are identified.  This means that the true rate of finding enough sperm to allow moving forward with IVF/ICSI is more in the 25-35% range. And in those cases, we still recommend having donor backup sperm since only about half of those cases will be able to achieve an actual pregnancy.  These details are important to recognize, since we feel that the 60-70% number can be misleading otherwise. 

Our Out of State Patients

US patient Map updated 4-26-22

Blue pins represent individuals, red pins represent 50+ people. We have served patients from all 50 states!  (Last updated April 2022)

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