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The following are reviews, testimonials, or letters received by patients.  We have a strict privacy policy, where we will only include information or photos if the patient indicates that it may be used for public display.  We recognize that the conditions we treat are often a very private thing for many couples.

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June 2021

    • "Great clinic! They do a lot to make sure every detail of the experience is smooth. They set expectations very well, giving detailed stats, discussing tradeoffs and limitations, and made sure I was prepared for every step. They have YouTube videos and they took a phone call to discuss everything frankly.
      They took care of the less medical details too, including some logistical things and even offering snacks. They obviously are trying to get lots of good reviews, both by working hard to make everything perfect and by asking for reviews. And given how great they did, I'm happy to give them a good review."
    • "I would like to start off by saying if you are looking for a VR facility this is it ! look no further. I did all my research and Looked for the best and found it. May 7th 2020 my husband and I flew to Utah from Las Vegas to have an almost 17 year old reversal. Today a year later I am 7 weeks pregnant. Dr Trost is highly recommended however physicians assistant, Mr. Savage, is the one who made this little blueberry happen. I would like to thank Josh Savage and the incredíble team at the Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic in Utah ! Future Mom's don't give up hope we are big believers trust in Gods timing he has a perfect plan and he is never late. I'm not sure if Josh and Dr. Trost believe in God but I will tell you these men are instruments, God does the rest. Thank you again !!"
    • "My wife and I had a wonderful experience at the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic. We drove up from Las Vegas a few days before the procedure in order to relax in Orem and explore some of the natural parks in the area including Bridal Veil falls. The reception area at the clinic has a futuristic design with warm colored furnishings, modern fireplace and inspirational framed photography of mountain lakes and aspen groves. The best part about the clinic is their amazing staff! Kinsey actually greeted us in the elevator and escorted us to the office. Little did we know she was going to be the surgical assistant for my procedure. She gave my wife and I a thorough explanation on what we were to expect during our next three hours. The suite included a couch, large screen TV, packaged snacks and a refrigerator full of beverages. The operating room was directly connected to the operating suite and a dedicated restroom was across the corridor. Dr. Brearton was a consummate professional as he explained the vasectomy reversal procedure and conducted the surgery with expert hands and sound mind. My wife and I are very optimistic that the procedure will result in a successful outcome, which we call “Baby Time”. This team is professional, efficient, courteous and confident in the work they due and the results they expect. I highly recommend the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic to everyone in need of this specialized treatment."
    • "Went in today for a vasectomy reversal with Dr. Trost with the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic. I was beyond impressed with their facility (which was amazing) and professionalism. Dr. Trost is not only friendly and personable but his level of expertise in this field is unmatched. He answered all my questions and eased my concerns. We looked at multiple options on our journey for a reversal and upon learning of Dr Trost we felt confident he was the Dr for us, so much so that we packed the car and traveled from California just to have him do the procedure. Truth me told, we would have traveled from anywhere in order to have him do the procedure. If you are even considering a reversal do yourself a favor and book Dr Trost or any of the amazing surgeons at the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic. 10/10 would recommend to anyone everyone."

May 2021

    • "I was very pleased to have my vasectomy reversal done at this clinic. The environment was great, the staff was very nice and pleasant to work with. The clinic was clean and neat. The doctor was very knowledgeable and helped me understand how the procedure works. He made the surgery go smooth and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I recommend them 100%."
    • "The facility was clean and all the staff were professional. Would highly recommend to any seeking a reversal."
    • "Amazing staff. Amazing surgeon. Amazing faculty. Was the most pleasant place I have ever been!"
    • "I visited Dr Trost for a vasectomy reversal . Second time to have my boys cut on. First time was a local guy that might as well have used rusty instruments and had an online degree. Not so wonderful. I was super nervous and less than excited to have them cut again. Dr Trost was amazing. He walked me through the process as much as I wanted to know, I didn’t feel a thing besides minor sensation when numbing the area, and I was well informed of expectations during and after the procedure. Couldn’t be more pleased. I’m actually writing this review as they are working on sewing me up! I’d take a pic but the review may get censored! I’ll never trust anyone else with my boys and would cross a dry desert with no water in a hail storm to see these guys if I needed anything else done. And the assistants we were amazing with great personable personalities. Made me super relaxed. Well done. My only complaint is that I expected to see a double or triple rainbow while they worked on me out the amazing view of the mountains with how great the experience was. Can’t say enough! You guys can handle my boys any time, any place! Just ask!"
    • "I was very impressed with Dr. Trost. He is incredibly smart, well-spoken, and very compassionate. He really takes the time to listen and care about his patients. Would highly recommend going to Dr. Trost , front desk staff was also super nice on the phone and in person. Worth traveling to if you are not local to Utah."
    • "We feel so blessed that my husband was able to go here for a reversal. We drove a total of 24 hours (with kids) and it was totally worth it! Even the staff was helpful and picked up my husbands prescription while he was in surgery. My husband was also able to call after hours and spoke directly with the doctor with a concern we had.
      We would definitely recommend going here!"
    • "My husband saw Dr. Trost for a reversal last week and it was all around a 5 star experience. We traveled from about 1,700 miles away, but it was well worth the trip, We were greeted by Kenzie one of the surgical techs and shown to an exam room where we were given post op education, instructions for mail in the 4 semen analysis kits we were provided and briefed on what to expect in surgery. His appointment time was 7am, my husband was back in the room and prepped for surgery by about 7:40am and Dr. Trost came in to greet us and begin surgery at right around 8am.
      I am a Nurse and have some surgery experience, but Dr. Trost was very patient in explaining and answering my questions while my husband was under conscious sedation. The surgical suite was spacious, bright and clean. I was able to sit in on the surgery and even take some videos of the procedure from a large flat screen.
      We are 3 days out from his procedure and while there is swelling and bruising, his recovery is going well so far. My husband's pain has been well controlled with rx pain medicine from Dr. Trost and ibuprofen. We have no way of knowing how successful surgery has been yet, but sperm was seen on both sides during surgery. We will be following all post op directions to try to maximize our chances for success.
      I truly believe Dr. Trost and staff care for their patients and the work they do. Dr. Trost is funny, compassionate and definitely has the expertise in this very niche field. I am happy with our experience and glad we chose him to perform what we are optimistic will be the surgery that brings us closer to expanding our family. If money may be an issue for you (prices range from $1850 up until about $3300 or so with a guarantee), but you don't want to sacrifice quality, we highly recommend Dr. Trost and his A1 staff for your reversal."

April 2021

    • "This was such a pleasant experience - even for my husband getting the surgery. The staff was amazing and answered all of our many questions. We quickly realized general anesthesia is an overkill for a vasectomy reversal. The localized numbing and oral painkillers were more than enough for the pain. We first went to a local urologist in our home city, first but decided to go out of our way to go to this clinic since the price was almost half and the reviews for this clinic are stellar. We highly recommend getting a vasectomy reversal here."
    • "Had a Vasectomy Reversal done yesterday. 5 star staff, 5 star Dr. And 5 star overall experience. Thank you Dr. Trost for having a professional staff, being a leader in the profession and being so thorough in providing information. I highly recommend this office for the VR procedure."

March 2021

    • "They are so cool, perform so well, such a smooth operation such a likable people and very caring. For such a tricky little operation what a great experience to have with such awesome people that. Thank you so much Dimitrius Pulido."
    • "Dr. Trost and his physicians assistant, Mr. Savage, as well as his staff are the absolute best. I took my son to see him and he made us both feel at ease. We initially saw Dr. Savage and Dr. Trost did the surgical procedure. This practice is top notch, amazing, and really do their profession honor. I could write about our experience in this office for days and about just how wonderful these folks are. I felt welcome (as did my son) the minute we walked in the office. The office was comfortable and just amazing. There is a reason why people travel such distance to see this physician, because he is the best!"
    • "Very nice staff, they answered all our questions. We never felt rushed before the surgery. Highly recommended. We researched lots of places across the US and I’m glad we selected them for this procedure."
    • "I was seen at the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic recently for a Standard Vasectomy Reversal. My appointment was with Klint Brearton and from the moment I arrived I had nothing short of a 5-star experience. The front office staff are kind courteous, knowledgeable and so very welcoming!! My surgical assistant Kenzie, was the absolute best, she spoke to me with gentleness, class, respect and had a wonderful sense of humor. The procedure was painless and my wife was able to be present with me the entire time and we are so hopeful and excited to grow our family. There are not enough words in the human language, to express our gratitude and appreciation for the Dr. Trost and his vision to give families a second chance!! Male Fertility and Peyronie’s clinic is second to none and I as a patient give my highest recommendation for anyone looking for urological professionals that show care and kindness for such sensitive topics. The after care is magnificent and thorough and the overall experience was an absolute dream!!! Thank you all so much at MFPC you are the absolute BEST!!!"
    • "Dr. Trost and his staff were outstanding! I can't say enough good things about our experience. We flew in from N.C. and have no regrets. Dr. Trost is brilliant, very up to date on all his research and data, goes the extra mile for his patients and even personally calls them before their appointment. Having the option to be present during the procedure was an experience I'll never forget. Dr. Trost went over everything he was doing while my husband was sleeping through the whole thing And i learned so much about the surgery. I enjoyed learning about the Dr. behind the mask also and let me tell you, I was incredibly inspired! This is truly 100% a ministry for him and what a legacy he leaves giving so many family's hope and the possibility for restoring fertility once again. God confirmed over and over again he was the right Dr. for us. Truly a gift to have had Dr. Trost as our surgeon."
    • "The staff was very friendly and accommodating. they took the time to go over the procedure and make sure you were ready and relaxed. If the reversal procedure is something you are looking in to, I would recommend the Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic."
    • "Best customer service possible. Great support and advice. Looking forward to the results!"
    • "Dr. Trost is knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient. On top of that he has a great personality and is very personable and easy to communicate with. This isn’t a “you get what you pay for” type of practice. Even though the prices are extremely low, the quality of care is top notch. The staff are attentive, considerate and very kind — a good reflection of Dr. Trost."

February 2021

    • "I don't know where to start lol the service was a amazing I was greeted with open arms . We drove in from Las Vegas and my appointment was at 7am and they didn't waste no time , my Dr. Went over everything in detail even though ( I did my own research on YouTube) but actually see the same doctor it blew my mind . My wife was very excited cause their waiting room was like a five star hotel lol . All in all my Dr. And the assistant was great the only thing I can remember was the shot to num me but after that it was a walk in the park from there . The appointment took about 3 half hour but very smooth and exciting all the was through. Thank you so much for bringing my babies back to me for bottom of heart thank you. If I can give a million stars you guys earn all of them . Thank you again."
    • "First class all they way. Knowledgeable and professional."
    • "My husband and I came here from New Hampshire in October of 2020 for a vasectomy reversal. I'll be honest I was a little concerned that we had paid for a surgery and flights and Airbnb without knowing that this place really existed. It seemed too good to be true. But we arrived on the day of the surgery and this place was incredible! Gorgeous facility amazing waiting area we couldn't even believe what we were stepping into. I was able to stay with my husband throughout his procedure and could even step out to get snacks and drinks for him and I in the middle of the procedure. All the staff and doctor's were FANTASTIC! I cannot say enought good things about this place! I highly recommend. Now we are 12 weeks pregnant with our little one!"
    • "So worth a flight from Colorado!!!! I Have nothing but good thoughts of the entire staff, surgical team and experience. Dr. Trost is amazing and was so nice and comforting. Great experience! I ended up having a complex reversal on both sides. I flew back to Colorado immediately after surgery. The clinic is very modern, clean and inviting. The price was less than half of anything my wife and I could find in Colorado. That included all travel with a rental car and hotel stay the night before as well. Doing a local anesthetic was fine and allowed me to get home and in bed within a few hours. Thank you to all of you!!!"
    • "Can't say enough about how professional and proficient they are. Within 2 months of surgery we are expecting. I really can't say enough good things."

January 2021

    • "The staff was very patient, polite and Dr. Brearton was very skilled at the procedure and explained everything to us as a couple. We are grateful."
    • "Is there such a thing as a 6 star award? Not only was their staff friendly and courteous, they were organized, timely, forthcoming and kind. I have never met such a professional bunch that were more like friends then your average hospital staff. It was immaculate, loaded with drinks and snacks and very welcoming. I was offered a ride to my hotel from Clint who did my surgery, who also called me after I returned to my hotel to check in to see how I was feeling. Hey Clint...I made it back to Oregon no problems and with very little discomfort!!! Just taking it easy!!!"
    • "On October 6th, 2020 Klint did my husband’s vasectomy reversal at Peyronie’s Clinic. After reading the great reviews, we decided to fly to Utah for the procedure. The entire experience was above and beyond what we anticipated. From the moment we arrived at the clinic, we immediately felt comfortable and knew he was in the right hands. I was able to be in the room with my husband during the procedure and the sedation meds they provided ended up knocking him out the entire time. He didn’t feel a thing! Klint did a phenomenal job on the surgery and he was so helpful with what to expect during recovery. I ended up getting pregnant the first week we were able to start trying and now we are expecting a baby girl due July 28th, 2021! We are so grateful for Klint and the entire team at Peyronie’s Clinic. We wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else."
      - Heather & Jon (Minnesota)
    • "My fiance' had a vasectomy reversal performed here a few days ago. We both can not speak highly enough about this clinic. The staff, and the experience in general was amazing. From the moment that we arrived things went great. The receptionist was nice and welcoming. The surgical assistants were both so kind and sweet. The one that met with us just prior to surgery took time to explain everything from beginning to end and seemed genuinely interested in what was going on and acted like she loved her job and what she did. Dr. Trost was also very nice to deal with. He seemed knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable. The office itself is clean and well kept. They do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and at ease the entire time. Mid surgery they take a sample to see if there are sperm present. One of the surgical assistants let me view the sample of sperm. I wanted to record them swimming around with my phone as I found this to be a really neat thing to see. I couldn't get my phone to focus through the microscope so she took me into another room and put the sample on the computer screen so I could record it. So awesome!! We felt, and continue to feel that we were in the best of hands and our chances of success were best with this clinic and doctors. We look forward to continuing to work with this clinic as the healing process continues, and we ultimately find out if we have achieved success. We both highly recommend this clinic."
    • "I would like to firstly congratulate the Dr. Trost on an incredible facility, featuring a hospitable atmosphere, friendly and highly trained staff, and an amazingly efficient and groundbreaking procedure. Making my appointment was a breeze, and I spoke to a provider for a consultation before my appointment to answer any questions I may have about the vasoepididymostomy (complex procedure). All of my worries were put aside as I felt immediately at ease by the professionalism and expertise fo the providers. Upon arriving for my appointment, the procedure and post op instructions were communicated again by the surgical assistant and my provider, Joshua. I was given the option to take some additional medication to help relax during the procedure. I tend to be slightly resistant to sedatives, so I was awake and chipper for the entire procedure (sorry If I talked your ear of Josh). They were super attentive to the level of pain I was feeling and acted quickly to relinquish any discomfort I was feeling. The procedure lasted a good few hours, but everything was carefully explained to me as it was happening, and all of my expectations were far exceeded. I paid for the complex procedure just in case I needed it, but turns out only the simple was necessary - which is great news! I hope I never have to return to the clinic, as I'm optimistic about the success of the procedure - but if I had a need, I would not hesitate to travel back to Utah to visit the Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic."
    • "The facility and staff went far above our expectations. Comfortable accommodations in waiting area along with treats and drinks to snack on. Thank y’all for the wonderful experience."
    • "The staff did a great job making me feel comfortable before my procedure. Very friendly and very professional I would definitely recommend them."
    • "I had a vasectomy reversal (VR) done by Dr. Trost on January 11, 2021. Their entire staff was caring and helpful. Dr. Trost has the confident demeanor that one would expect from a doctor that had served as the head of male infertility at the Mayo Clinic. He is very calm and reassuring and did a great job explaining everything. I had done extensive research prior to scheduling my procedure. Whenever I spoke with a prospective VR doctor on the telephone or Skype, I would ask what other doctors I should consider. I found Dr. Trost to be the most highly recommended doctor by other VR specialists. During my procedure Dr. Trost found sperm in the vas, so I was able to have the simpler vasovasostomy (VV) rather than the more complicated (and more painful!) vasoepididymostomy (VE). If the VE had been necessary, Dr. Trost would have done it. My vasectomy under local anesthesia had been extremely painful. It felt like someone was kicking me in the testicles, in slow motion, for the entire thirty minute procedure. Because of this, I was considering a general anesthesia option for my VR. When I brought this up to several VR doctors, they suggested that I may not have been properly anesthetized. This convinced me to save the one or two thousand extra dollars that general anesthesia would cost. Right before my VR started, I was given a Percocet and a dose of a red liquid called Versed. I had recorded the Ravens vs. Titans playoff game on my tablet to watch during the procedure. I am very squeamish about any type of operation, particularly an operation on MY genitals, and I really needed a distraction. It turns out that the Versed is quite effective. I soon felt like I was drunk, and I babbled like a drunk throughout the procedure. I watched the entire football game, but I hardly remember any of it. I didn't really believe Dr. Trost when he told me that the most painful part of the procedure would be the injections for the local anesthesia, but that was indeed the case. I left the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic with 4 Percocets and a prescription for 20 5 mg oxyCodone tablets. Our flight from Salt Lake City to Baltimore was scheduled for 10 am the next morning. I woke up moderately sore; two of the oxyCodone worked great for the drive to the airport and boarding the plane. I took another two tablets on the plane to keep me comfortable exiting the airport and on the car ride home. I could have gotten by without the oxyCodone, but I was glad to have it. I have read that many patients get by with just acetaminophen or Ibuprofen, but these generally don’t work well for me for pain. On Wednesday, two days after my VR, and my first day home, I woke up moderately sore. I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen and 1000 mg of acetaminophen, but this did not seem to do anything, so I went back to the oxyCodone. By Friday, four days after my procedure, I did not require any pain reliever at all. We are skiers, so we flew to Utah a week before my procedure to take advantage of the great resorts close to Salt Lake City. We hit Park City, Alta and Brighton. It is really incredible how much world class skiing there is less than 45 minutes from the city. If you go in the summer check out Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Dr. Trost told us that the most common reason for a VR to fail is that the vas connection to separate because the sutures do not hold. This risk can be minimized by limiting strenuous activities after the procedure. Because of this, my wife suggested that we arrange for a wheelchair to take me through the airport. I would recommend that anyone flying soon after a VR take advantage of this free service. I was very pleased with the whole experience with Dr. Trost and would recommend the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic to anyone considering a VR. Their entire staff was caring and helpful. Of course I will not know for some time if my reversal was successful, but I will post updates."

December 2020

    • "They did a good job explaining everything, after surgery they did a good job of explaining how it went. Everyone was really nice and good to work with."
    • "I can't speak highly enough of my experience at this clinic. The staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and experts in what they do. I just had my surgery and it went very smoothly - easier than I thought it would be. You get world class service in a highly professional setting without the price tag. Thank you to everyone at the Male Fertility and Peyronies Clinic for a great surgery and experience!"
    • "Very nice place. The staff was super and made us feel comfortable with the entire process. I highly recommend this group."
    • "Very professional with my reverse vasectomy. Easy to work with and made everything from start to finish very smooth. I highly recommend them!!"

November 2020

    • "Perfect Experience! I Planned my reversal several months ago and was able to precede my surgical date with a week of early season snowboarding at Park City with my family. In doing internet research, I found the clinic’s website was more thorough and well laid out than most others, and the clinic is only about an hour from downtown PC. Every step of my process with Dr. Trost has been outstanding! I coordinated an online consultation and Dr. Trost was punctual, very friendly and easy to talk with. He answered all my questions thoroughly. As the date approached I received clear confirmation emails with educational videos covering what to expect the day of the procedure as well as post-operatively.
      Upon arriving at the clinic my wife and I found a beautiful, upscale office , and friendly team that were waiting to help us. We were efficiently checked-in and progressed from a quick pre-operative consultation into the procedure.
      My wife and I were both made very comfortable, and she was given multiple options ranging from watching the procedure to receiving notice and returning just before it’s completion. I chose to have the procedure done under local anesthesia without IV sedation and it was perfectly comfortable! Being a bit tired from snowboarding the last several days, I took the pre-operative oral versed sedative medication that was offered, and snoozed through the whole process. Upon completion we were given clear post -operative instructions and a nice packet of information to track,analyze, and optimize outcomes.
      We’re hopeful that healing is uneventful and our ability to grow our family will be achieved! As I write this 8 hours post-surgery, I’ve yet to have any substantial discomfort (but realize it may be over the next 24-48 hours when peak discomfort sets in). I am a dentist who performs all the oral surgical and reconstruction procedures for a large private practice dental office in Florida, and I would highly recommend Dr. Trost and his team to anyone considering a vasectomy reversal!" - Stephen Brent Harris, DMD - Hutchinson Island, FL
    • "I had a vasectomy reversal (simple/vasovas) performed a few weeks ago and the whole affair went off without a hitch starting from the consultation to now. Mr. Klinton Brearton along with Mrs. Madison Lemon performed the procedure along with a very competent and methodic support staff. I opted to only take the pain medication and I was awake for the whole duration. I have no reservations recommending this if taking medicine that slows the mind bothers you as it does me. The pain medicine was just enough. The procedure does take a fair amount of time but Mr. Brearton can carry a conversation with the best of them. If ever there was a problem or difficulty, I couldn't tell. These are professionals and it shows: everything was very matter of fact and that is exactly what you want for such an unusual task in a delicate area of the body. I cannot sing their praises enough and I am so very grateful for their work."
    • "Great visit, great staff, great doctor. Highly recommend to anyone."
    • "The staff and Dr. were beyond professional and very friendly and warm. The only regret I truly have is that we didn't visit them sooner. They were worth the 11 hour drive we would recommend them to anyone in the world because their service is out of this world. Can't thank Dr. Savage and his whole team enough."
    • "Glad I flew to Utah to work with Dr. Trost. Truly a professional and possibly the best in his field. This is the place to go."
    • "It was a tough decision to go for the reverse V after having five kids, but when my late wife passed away and I got remarried, we had to at least see if another child was a possibility. We found MFP online and we liked what we saw. When we drove from CO it gave us a good chance to reflect on life. Basically the whole experience was great. They were very informative and made us feel very relaxed. They gave us straight answers and were very professional and friendly. Based on my age and life situations they gave me an OK percent being able to have a child but I think that was to lower expectations. We did everything we were suppose to do and low and behold we got pregnant very soon after the surgery. We are very happy to be expecting in 20 weeks. Thank you MFP for being part of the journey."

October 2020

    • "These guys go above and beyond, with a clinic that is impeccably clean and well-maintained, excellent service, and a level of comfort far and above what I expected. I flew in from Canada to see them, and I could not be happier with the service I received. Thank you!!!
    • "This office is amazing. They took great care of my husband. Even when delivering bad news, it was done with compassion and empathy that you don’t find anywhere else. All of the staff is awesome to work with including the front desk. They are all very on the ball (no pun intended) and they were able to get us in and get us answers very quickly. Although we did not get the news we hoped for we are so grateful for the answers this clinic was able to provide. Thank you thank you!"
    • "Had the TESE procedure done. Front office staff seemed a little hesitant to talk about much, but Dr. Trost and his team were very professional. They answered any questions/concerns I had. Educated me on everything and talked me through it. 100% recommend if you happen to need any procedures."
    • "I was nervous going into my appointment. The team at this clinic were some of the friendliest medical professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. The office is clean and comfortable. Dr Trost and his team were great about making me comfortable and informed of what was going to happen. The reversal was actually less stressful than my original vasectomy. It was well worth the trip to have this team perform my reversal. Thanks again."
    • "You guys made this experience incredibly comfortable for my fiancé and I. We were just there on October 1st for a Vasectomy reversal and from the staff to the Dr was so friendly and knowledgeable. You guys made sure to answer all our questions and took care of us. Thank you guys. Now we wait to see when we will be pregnant. 🙏🏼"

September 2020

    • "Wow! It was a huge decision for my husband and I to expand our family after a vasectomy. I looked all over and did lots of research before we made any decisions. When I found this clinic I could believe it was real but we called and asked question and they were wonderful! We drove form Idaho about 6 hrs and we were blown away by the top notch facility and professional. Everyone made you feel comfortable and relaxed! Loved every bit of our experience! The price is unbeatable also especially for the quality!! Our was successful, my husband had his procedure late June and we are now 12 weeks pregnant! Such a blessing! Thank you everyone for helping make it possible!"
    • "A lot of people think this clinic is too good to be true at first because its so affordable. Its not. They're just really great. My husband had the best experience one can have getting a VR (alone). Dr Trost even drove my husband to the pharmacy to pick up his medication afterwards. He is very responsive and doesn't leave you high and dry after if you have questions. I am a mom who is a little high strung about making sure her family is healthy and this practice has been super patient and available to me. Similar service costs 3x as much from my research. Other affordable doctors aren't nearly as qualified as Dr Trost or offer as much in the way of patient care. Mail in tests are included in the cost and so far we are looking good on our first 2 week test! 10/10 recommendation."
    • "When I was doing online research about reverse vasectomies several months ago, my biggest priority in selecting who would do the procedure was based off of the likelihood of the procedure working along with the surgeons expertise. When I came across Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic, I was intrigued by their world renown experience and advanced techniques that they used to have higher chances of successful fertility after a reverse vasectomy. I decided to book my procedure online, which was extremely easy to do. I had a couple questions I emailed the clinic after booking my appointment and received a very detailed email back from one of the doctors, answering all of my questions within 24 hours. A couple months later, I arrived at the clinic to extremely friendly staff and with very little wait, received thorough explanation from a surgical technician and then the surgeon about the procedure. There wasn’t any pressure felt for time, I was given more than enough time to ask all of my questions I had and after we were done, I felt overly confident the procedure would be a success. The procedure lasted about 4 hours and was treated like a king throughout. If I needed extra blankets, food or anything to drink it was just a small request away. The doctor was extremely friendly and i enjoyed conversations with him throughout the procedure. When everything was finished, I was supported and asked if anything else was needed, asked a few questions and on my way I went. It has now been 3 days since the procedure took place. The pain is tremendously less than when I had a vasectomy performed. I know that if I need help or have further questions, the clinic or doctor are just a phone call away. Thanks again for everything!"
    • "I was very nervous about the whole procedure. When I walked in they made me feel at ease. The office is very nice and stocked with food and drinks (Dr Trost was like you can order Uber eats during the surgery lol). I was made comfortable on the table and given medication to help me relax. I was awake for about 30 mins and then passed out. When I woke up I was all finished. The Dr was great and so were his assistants. They made you feel good and have no worries. Being from out of state they drove me to Walmart to get pain killers. I would highly recommend them for reversal. I even texted DR trost that night bc I felt pain that didn’t make sense where it was. He advised me it’s normal and just relax and take it easy. It was worth every penny I spent to get this done, including traveling to Utah from Wisconsin. It truly was amazing to have these doctors preform this operation and if your thinking about doing a reversal definitely go to their office. Thank you guys so much."
    • "We were very comfortable from the first step we took inside. We were greeted by the receptionist, who was very kind to us. The patients lounge was very nice with refreshments and snacks. To ease the anxiety associated with the process. The doctor was very forthcoming and clear to us about everything involved in the process and the procedure. After the surgery the doctor was very responsive and helpful with his communication every step of the way. The doctor respond to my text every time I have question. We would strongly recommend to anyone to utilize them and their services! Thank you so much Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic."
    • "This place was a great experience. If you can call this awkward and uncomfortable procedure great:) The staff was very respectful and the facilities were very clean and professional. i would recommend this place to anyone looking to have this procedure done. Thank you to all the great staff."
    • "Fabulous doctors and staff. I couldn't be happier with my treatment."
    • "Dr Trost is awesome. He made me feel very comfortable and was very nice to his staff too. His facility is very clean and he answered every question I had. We flew in from CT and it was definitely worth it. It is now the day after and the pain is not bad at all. I was pleasantly surprised with everything and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for this reversal."
    • "Friendly staff. Great ambiance. Very comforting and helpful in anyway they can be. Dr. Trost has exceptional bedside manner going above and beyond what was required of him. He even gave me a ride to the hotel! I would recommend this clinic to anyone interested in similar procedures."

August 2020

    • "Highly recommend this practice. I had been feeling very hopeless and down about a diagnosis given to me previously by a urologist. Went to the clinic to get a second opinion to be sure, and was given strikingly positive news, with only 5 minutes of discussion. It all came down to a lack of knowledge and professionalism on the previous doctor's diagnosis. Feeling a lot more settled and optimistic after meeting with Josh. Thanks again."
    • "The expertise and specialism are outstanding. If you need a reverse vasectomy this clinic make it a lot less painful."
    • "Excellent! No pain at all! Thank you everyone at the Male Fertility Clinic!"

July 2020

    • "The MFP clinic really made the experience comfortable. The staff was super nice and accommodating. The doctor really did a great job explaining everything upfront so there are no surprises. I was even given a ride back to my hotel by the staff, which really helped not having to cal a cab. I couldn’t be any happier with MFP clinic, they are a top notch operation."
    • "Wow! Phenomenal experience. The staff is so kind and considerate throughout the whole process. It is refreshing to be taken care of in such a caring way by an accomplished specialist and experienced staff. And to know that the clinic charges at-cost prices for fertility consultations, testing, and treatments knocks it all out of the park. I highly recommend this clinic."

June 2020

    • "We left here about 3 hours ago and had an OUTSTANDING experience with Dr. Trost - I can't say enough about how professional, knowledgeable, personable, and supportive this doctor is!!! We arrived just before 8am and were on our way before noon: began with a consult with a nurse, then with Dr. Trost, then into the operating room, then done! He even removed a few skin tags my husband had on his neck after the VR was done. I was in the room with my husband the whole time - he was awake for most of the surgery and we all chatted throughout. Dr. Trost is a passionate (as well as prominent and well-respected) researcher and innovator of this procedure: he is a fountain of information! I felt like a med student throughout my husband's surgery because he talked me through everything he was doing and why. My husband is unfazed - he said the whole experience was the best time he's ever had in a clinic or hospital and now he wants to move to Utah so Dr. Trost can be our GP! 😂

      I did a lot of research before choosing MFPC and Dr. Trost, and so should you, but I'm confident we made the best choice!!! Bonus: Utah is GORGEOUS and we loved every minute of our road trip out here from eastern South Dakota!!"

    • "Dr.Trost was amazing!!! there is so many good things to say about him. He is great at what he does. Trost stepped me through everything. I would 1000000x recommend him for your surgery needs."
    • "They were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure went extremely well. I highly recommend going to this clinic. They were very thorough with pre-op and post-op care and provided a way to acquire results remotely. I can not express enough how happy and grateful I am with this surgery. They are the best. Thank you so so much."
    • "I cannot express how happy I am with Joshua's doing my procedure. After doing many months of research I decided to take the trip to Utah (I am from RI). I am so happy that I did!! A reattachment, which almost everyone does would not have worked for me. From emailing the girls at the front desk to interacting with Joshua, I cannot express my satisfaction!! Even though my procedure took longer than expected, I was not rushed at all. Joshua made sure the did it and did it right the first time!! Everything was explained to me in great detail, the operating room was like any other operating room and completely clean with all the necessary equipment. There was obviously no expense spared when setting up this practice!! My wife was able to sit with me during the procedure and all her questions got answered too. You may find places to do the reversal cheaper but, you will get what you pay for!! Most places would have just done the reattachment but I had blockages on both sides so Josh made sure this would work for me and took his time doing it. Again words cannot express how happy I am that I made the right decision to go here to get the procedure done!! I have never written a review for anything before but, the service, medical treatment,staff and overall experience deserves a review!! Thank you guys for everything you did!!"
    • "Dr. Trost and his staff were amazing!  Thank you guys so much!"
    • "Dr Trost was amazing! His staff was caring, attentive and informative. During the procedure he put me at ease. The procedure went smooth and Dr. Trost has been extremely attentive and quick to reply to any of my post operative questions and concerns."

May 2020

    • "19 years after my vasectomy, I decided to reverse it, so my wife (of 8+ years) and I could have a baby together.  I CANNOT say enough about Dr. Savage, Dr. Trost, and their excellent staff. So kind, helpful, and experts in their fields. Not only did the procedure cost thousands less than other vasectomy reversal practices, but the procedure is SO specific to each individual to ensure the highest success rate possible.  My wife was not able to come with me, so I was encouraged to FaceTime, call, or take pictures so she could be included. I enjoyed laughing at her because she gets queazy at seeing operations, but I appreciate Dr. Savage talking to me the whole time, explaining what he was doing, and being able to watch the whole thing was "Savage!"  Thank you Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic, for giving us a real chance to share future positive pregnancy tests and baby pics, with a level of service and support that I have NEVER experienced anywhere else!"
    • "Can’t possibly imagine a better experience! Dr Trost and his staff are all absolutely AMAZING! My wife and I flew in from North Carolina with multiple options much closer, we made the right decision and would urge and everyone to do the same. I was very nervous about the surgery but rest assured that their process makes it absolutely very gentle. My surgery was yesterday afternoon and as I sit here in the hotel room now my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!"
    • "Dr. Trost and his entire staff are amazing. The facility is beautiful and they are getting ready to make renovations to make it even better. The staff treated my husband and I with the upmost kindness and respect. I couldn't beleieve I got to be in the room for the procedure and watch everything, even take pictures! It was not only just a cool experience but it shows how much you can trust this team, they know what they're doing and they are completely transparant with you. I am so glad we made the decision to travel to Utah for this procedure with Dr. Trost! I can't wait to see our family grow thanks to him."
    • "My fiance and I searched and searched for not only affordable but a great place to help us expand our family. And thank goodness we found hands down THE BEST PLACE. Everyone was so kind, so helpful and Definitely made sure that it was okay to reach out to them no matter the questions. P.A. Savage i believe his name is was so wonderful. I cant forget his help, Clint I believe his name was. They were very open about the procedure, and great with my finances wonderful sarcasm! (Those meds they gave my fiance definitely gave us a good laugh) They made sure to keep me informed and was all around such a great experience for us! Thank you so much for your help Dr, Savage, and Clint! We will forever be grateful for such a wonderful experience! P.s. We flew from Oregon for this incredible place!"

March 2020

    • "I’ll just say this. I’ve searched high and low, and have found no one in the digital world that’s given me comfort as this place has. As a man of color I don’t feel I’d be wrong when I say most of us don’t know what to feel about Utah. And traveling from another state to have surgery in another just for me seemed, odd. It wasn’t! Dr Trost knows his stuff! I felt absolutely comfortable in his office. I like to think I’m a good judge of character, and from what I experienced, Dr Trost is a true blessing. He was fantastic! As a previous reviewer mentioned the girls that work there know their stuff as well. They have a routine and they execute it nicely. Before I knew it, I was outta there and on my way home. My Wife questioned if he was real at first. She question his affordability. Said he seemed too good to be true. But that was until I spoke with one of his receptionists and my entire view point changed. Imagine the best doctor one could want for themselves, then imagine Dr. Trost. Because that’s what you are getting. He and his colleagues are some of the best in the business. I honestly can’t think of enough positive to say about this place. Only a family of people who do what they do because they sincerely love it can make you feel as comfortable as they do. Bravo! To the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic in Orem, UT. They are one of Gods and the worlds many, unknown shining lights."
    • "Very impressed with this clinic. Office is very professional and kind. Had snacks in the waiting area. Doctor Trost himself is so down to earth and an amazing listener. He was so concerned about my past and my history. He took notes the entire time. He was very personal and I could tell he was very concerned about my overall well being. I came in for a procedure that I wasn’t sure if I needed. He could have easily said yes for his own Monetary reasons but helped me to see that it really wasn’t necessary to get the procedure for what I was trying to accomplish. I give Dr. Trost and his group a solid 5 star. Thank you."

February 2020

    • "We had such an amazing experience the staff was Smart and efficient and gave us so much information my husband got his vasectomy reversal 24 days ago, and I’ve already got a positive pregnancy test and it’s been confirmed by our Dr!!!!! We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience or the result"
    • "Very upfront and honest on pricing and procedure."
    • "I loved everything everyone was very friendly and welcoming everything was explained the procedure went smooth now it’s up to me to do my part with the wife thank you very much"
    • "I recently had a vasectomy reversal performed since I have remarried and want to have another baby with my wife. My vasectomy was about 14yrs ago so I wanted to have a surgeon that could give me the highest chance of success. I did quite a bit of research based on physician experience, type of procedure, and cost. I found that Dr. Trost has solid experience with reversals and his cost is very fair so I made the trip from Michigan to Utah. The office staff was friendly and professional. The procedure went well and I can say that Dr. Trost was absolutely amazing. He explained everything clearly and I was very comfortable throughout the procedure. I am 100% satisfied with my surgery experience. They have the process down and they do it well!"
    • "I had an excellent experience here. Clean facility, friendly staff, and professional Drs. They took the time to listen and explain. I would definitely recommend."
    • "My husband and I came in just for a simple analysis and the staff was so friendly, helpful and professional. It was just so easy from the start here. The website was easy to book the appointment and the up front information (especially pricing!) was very much appreciated! We found this place on Google kind of randomly and we both were so glad! The waiting room made me think it was definitely put together with trying to make an uncomfortable moment a little better for the men who come in... from the recliners, to the crystal clear TVs to the snacks and drinks. It really took the edge off for us and provided a much needed distraction while we were waiting for the results. Really a great place, so glad we stumbled upon it. We live about an hour away but it was well worth the drive!"

January 2020

    • "This is a great clinic that is dedicated to their patients and their family! Readily available for any questions you may have, their office is welcoming and the staff is friendly."
    • "I drove almost 13 hours in a horrible snow storm just to get there on time. And the service they offered, it was worth it. Great clinic!"
    • "Extremely polite and professional. Made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked through the door... and even grabbed some photos of my procedure for me so I could see what all happened during my procedure. Thank you for everything!"
    • "Dr. Trost was is an amazing Doctor, he was patient and understanding. He answered all my questions and his confidence, knowledge, and ethics really put me at ease."
    • "This office along with the personnel was a GREAT experience I flew all the way from Florida to get a procedure done!"
    • "Super clean and professional place. Just had my reversal 11 days ago and as nervous as I was, Dr. Trost made me feel like it was nothing to worry about and I'm very optimistic about our chances of success. Thanks to everyone at the clinic for offering an affordable and amazing service!"
    • "My husband came in 2 weeks ago today for a vasectomy reversal. After doing a lot of research of different doctors online, we decided we would be traveling from Oklahoma to beautiful Orem, Utah. What a sight to behold! From the time we scheduled his appointment a couple of months ago, to the occasional texts my husband has sent to the doctor to ask questions post-op, the overall experience has been great. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they really care. They were fast to answer questions and help with whatever was needed. Dr Trost has pictures of babies on the wall in the waiting area that are a result of his reversals. So sweet! Dr Trost is extremely knowledgeable and very transparent. I chose to stay in the room while my husband was having surgery (I just wasn't allowed to touch the blue sterile bedding,etc.) The doctor would tell me exactly what he was doing and the purpose for it if I asked. I really appreciated his transparency through the whole thing (the surgery was close to 4 hours total I think). This showed his confidence in what he was doing. Although my husband is still recovering and we don't know what the future holds, our experience with the Male Fertility and Peyronies Clinic has been outstanding and we would recommend it to anyone wishing to have a vasectomy reversal!"
    • "I flew in from Sacramento for my schedule surgery on Sept 6, 2019 since we were unable to afford to do it in California where the prices range was from $7,500-10,000.  Dr. Trost and his team made it possible.  He was very personal and made me very comfortable.  After the surgery he even drove me back to my hotel.  I wanted to postpone on leaving a comment until we know it work.  Today, January 20, 2020 we took a home pregnancy test, and we are happy to say, "We are having a baby!" Thank you Dr. Trost and his team!"
    • "It was a very pleasant experience. Staff is super friendly and nice, and Dr Trost is super! I would highly recommend."
    • "Highly recommend this clinic. Dr. Trost has great bedside manner and made sure we understood everything that was going on. The staff was also friendly and the office is beautiful and comfortable to be in. Dr. Trost was also easy to contact afterwards with post operative questions which I really appreciated."
    • "I took my significant other back in Nov. 2019 but the experience was one not to forget. The staff from start to finish was extremely kind and professional. Dr. Trost explained everything in detail and when I asked questions he had no problem answering in ways I could understand. I was even able to watch the procedure. I highly recommend this office. Excited to keep them in touch with updates!"
    • "Great staff, environment and service. Dr. and his team work are very professional and helpful. They make me feel comfortable and secure. Thank you for your help!!!"


December 2019

  • "Dr. Trost and his staff exude professionalism. From start-to-finish of my procedure, I felt informed and respected. Dr. Trost honored my autonomy as he explained the risks and benefits, making sure I was making the most informed decision possible. The office itself is modern in appearance and makes one feel relaxed, knowing the most up-to-date equipment and procedures are being used. No antiquated techniques here. The waiting room is above-and-beyond the typical physician office, making sure my ride home was comfortable while waiting for my two hour procedure to finish. Overall, if you are looking for a physician that will take care of one of the most sensitive areas of the male physique, Dr. Trost is an excellent choice."
  • "Had a great experience with PA Josh Savage and the staff. It was a very professional, thorough procedure in a wonderful and comfortable environment. Would definitely recommend them to anyone, as it was well worth the cross country travel from AL."
  • Thank you card with photo of baby "VC" - from prior treatment done while Dr. Trost and Josh Savage were at Mayo Clinic.  "We want to not only wish you and your team a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but also say, 'Thank you!'  You performed my husband's reversal on ***.  We got pregnant five short months later and then on April 19, 2019 welcomed *** into the world.  We will never be able to thank God or you and your team enough because now that we have her, we couldn't imagine life without her!  So, again, Thank You!!!"
  • Thank you card with ultrasound of baby "not named yet" - from prior treatment done while Dr. Trost and Josh Savage were at Mayo Clinic.  "Round 2!  Many thanks to you for making this possible" - referring to 2nd successful pregnancy to date.
  • Thank you card with photo of baby "GC" - from prior treatment done while Dr. Trost and Josh Savage were at Mayo Clinic.  "In ***, you and your team helped us with our dream of having a family.  *** was born on ***, and we couldn't be more thankful for your care.  Your team gave us hope, and now we have joy."
  • "Outstanding professional care, with kindness and attention to detail. I visited the clinic for reversal, and was impressed with everything, from the moment I walked in, and was driven back to the hotel by the Dr himself. Rest assured, this place is superb, and the Dr and staff are great. What more can I say, book your treatment here with peace of mind, that you will receive excellent care at this clinic."
  • "Josh and the assistants were such warm, friendly yet also very professional people. They made an uncomfortable situation seem so routine & relaxed. They made it so easy and natural to trust them to perform surgery on such a sensitive area and then afterwards wish I was friends with them."

November 2019

  • Thank you card with photo of baby "BC"- from prior treatment done while Dr. Trost and Josh Savage were at Mayo Clinic.  "Thank you for all you did to help us make our dream of having a child come true!"
  • "I made the right decision going to this clinic I was doing my research about this, and what attracted me to this clinic was Dr.Trost's unique technique using the loop to make the connection stronger. Then I find out that he was chief of Urology at the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota, they I go there and I can see they are showing his videos about this procedure even though he doesn't work there anymore. Then I was very happy how Dr.Trost answered my questions and I made my decision right there and then. And I am glad I did. Three weeks after the operation, I have no pain, very little swelling , and I skipped all the risks: no infection, no blood cloths. Manly function is back without any pain. Everything Dr.Trost has told me so far has been true. And the fact that he answers all my questions right away is a huge comfort, even at long distance. I highly recommend him and his clinic."
  • "I honestly don't know what my favorite part of yesterday was: successfully moving one step closer to parenthood, or finally meeting the amazing doctor and staff that are helping us get there. We had researched vasectomy reversal specialists in SF and Davis, CA, since they're both close to home, but ultimately decided to save literally thousands of dollars by flying to Orem, Utah (about half an hour south of SLC). Immediately upon arriving at the beautiful, clean, state-of-the-art facility we knew we had made the right choice! They are highly experienced and perform 10x more vasectomy reversals here than all other providers in Utah. We arrived at 8 a.m. and had a short orientation to go over what would be happening during and after the surgery. I was given the option of waiting in their luxurious front office area, or watching the procedure live, or moving freely between both areas at my discretion. My boyfriend was under conscious sedation, so I opted to stay by his side. I am truly thrilled at being present for the unique experience and subsequently getting to support my bf whenever he stirred. I enjoyed when Dr. Trost spoke about the procedure and explained what he was doing and why. Really interesting and educational! They have a large screen so the microvascular reconnection portion is clearly visible. This is such an art; though it's pretty graphic at times! Actually, very graphic - watching is definitely not for everyone. I took a few pictures (with my bf's permission, of course.) So crazy & cool! Dr. Trost even showed us active, fully-developed "swimmers".  At request, they'll also print you out the picture of the male's sample, as seen under the microscope. (Ours is going on the fridge! Hahaha.) The incision is now beautifully sutured and while he mentioned it may not look pretty for another 6 months, after that time the scar should be barely visible. We're only a day out of surgery but my bf feels great (very bruised but not too sore or swollen). Rest and ice, baby! We feel really confident in this doctor's work. We are so blessed to have found him at a price we could afford, and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to have this kind of procedure done. The experience was awesome. Bf will need to take it easy for 8 wks to make sure he heals completely internally, but after that...well, he'll be back in action and I'll update my review! (And hopefully in the next year I'll update the picture they printed to one of an ultrasound.)"
  • "I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The doctors and staff were professional and kind. As soon as I walked in the door I felt like I made the right decision. The surgery went great, they had a phone holder so I watched Netflix and took a nap during the procedure. They answered all my questions during the procedure and helped me feel at ease. The price was great on the procedure and they even took my care credit. I don't think there another place in the country that does this surgery for this price and quality. I flew from South Carolina, rented a car and hotel room for $600 and still came out cheaper than any other clinic. Hopefully we'll have some babies soon! Thanks again!"
  • "Can't say enough good, what a great place! Doctors and staff are fantastic! I left wishing Dr. Trost could be my normal care physician, he's so great. Dr. Trost is the former male infertility specialist from the Mayo Clinic and brings world-class expertise with him. He offers not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but affordable care as well as a great bedside manner. Before the procedure, he went over every option with us and made sure we fully understood what was going happen. He was efficient and effective during the procedure and made sure both my husband and I were comfortable. What a great experience and what a caring staff. Thanks again!"

October 2019

  • "A vasectomy reversal doesn't seem like one of those things that you want to write a review about, but I haven't had an experience that was more worthy of 5 stars than the one I had with Dr. Trost and his amazing team. I had a previous attempt at reversal with another doctor that was ultimately unsuccessful, and the experiences could not have been any more different. First, Utah is absolutely beautiful. I stayed in Salt Lake and took the train to Orem, and was surrounded by mountains and some of the most picturesque scenery ever. After a short Uber ride, I pulled up to a very modern office building. Walking into the office, I was greeted by his friendly receptionists, and offered all kinds of drinks and snacks, while waiting in a leather recliner watching TV. Once I was in the back, I was met by Madison, one of the assistants, who went through what to expect before, during and after the procedure. She was very engaging and thorough and made me feel at ease. PA Savage then came in and confirmed my information, asked a few questions, asked if I had any questions and said they would be ready for me in a few minutes. Once in the operating room, the experience was still very calming. I was offered my choice of music, Dr. Trost and his assistant Ambria were both friendly, professional, and incredibly skilled. They talk you through everything that is going to happen, and made something that should be less than pleasant incredibly easy. I was even able to watch the microsurgery part of the procedure on a TV screen while Dr. Trost explained what he was doing. Obviously not everyone's cup of tea, but I found it very interesting. After the procedure, they reviewed everything, again asked if I had any questions or concerns, and Dr. Trost even asked if I needed a ride anywhere, as he was leaving at the same time. I'm now 4 days out from the procedure, and I can't believe how good I feel. I was expecting the worst after my previous experience, but my pain levels are so much less than I recall from that procedure. I didn't even fill the prescription for the pain relievers, and have just been taking Ibuprofen once a day or so. Obviously we won't know whether things were ultimately successful until there's a baby to celebrate, but we definitely hope to be visiting Utah sometime soon with a little one in tow so we can thank Dr. Trost and his entire staff in person."
  • "Who would have thought that a vasectomy reversal would have been an enjoyable experience? From the moment we walked into the office and were greeted by their staff, we knew we chose the right place.... After months of research, my wife and I decided to have my reversal done by this clinic for two main reasons. Although the clinic is new, Dr. Trost and PA-C Savage have years of experience in this specific field. I also discovered they have daily experience in performing both simple and complex reversals; something very few doctors are able to perform. I was given choices throughout the process, one being able to refuse sedation of any kind. I even had my wife by my side and watch the procedure live, something other clinics would not allow. For those reasons I chose this place; however, during my operation I found the doctor and his staff to be some of the most personable and knowledgeable medical staff I've ever encountered. My wife and I walked away from the surgery with the feeling that this was the best medical experience we have ever been through."
  • "Our experience with Dr. Trost was amazing. We live up in MN and had planned to see Dr. Trost at Mayo in Rochester MN, when we found out he was opening a practice in Utah we decided to follow him to his new facility. Dr. Trost, Josh and everyone at the facility made this experience easy for us from scheduling to post op. My husband had little to no pain during and even post surgery. The clinic is super clean and accommodating. We would highly recommend this facility-Dr. Trost and Josh are more about helping patients rather than making money off of them. If we could give them more than 5 stars-we would!"

September 2019

  • "What a very great experience from the start of the online scheduling to the actual appointment.  Dr. Trost and staff were very attentive to me and my questions and made this nerve-racking experience for me and my significant other very easy!!  Ive never felt so comfortable getting a surgical procedure done before; it was like in and out with ease of emotion!!"
  • "Dr. Trost and the staff at the Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic were nothing short of amazing.  From the time we walked in to the time we walked out, we were treated with the utmost respect.... We left feeling so confidence that we'll be able to grow our family.... If I could give a million stars I would.  I highly recommend Dr. Trost and the Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic!"
  • "Man where do I start? Me and my wife tried countless amount of people to make this happen, but for some reason the VA and paperwork were always getting screwed up on their end.  My wife soon found this clinic and with the price it sounded to good to be true and as much as I love my wife, sometimes she just flies off the shelf without reading the fine print.....this clinic was legit, lol. I stay in NC, so I traveled all the way to Utah for my reversal. Everything was amazing. The people here and the clinic, even the transaction between the financial department we went through and the folks here at the clinic was smooth. I had hope restored and it gave me the feeling to create a life and that right there is a blessing with unmeasurable amounts of joy. Thank you so much for making this possible."

August 2019 - Clinic Opening

  • "There are not enough stars to rate this place and these doctors for what they deserve!  I would give 100+ stars if I could.  My husband and I are truly grateful that we found this place right when we needed it so much....This was the best experience we've ever had with a doctor, a doctor's office, receptionists, everything!!!  Could not recommend them enough!!!"
  • "Wonderful experience from start to finish.  We were treated as individuals and the staff were so caring and courteous.  Everything was explained in detail and they really took the time to make sure we were comfortable.  I highly recommend this place to anyone."
  • Thank you card with photo of "SC" - from prior treatment rendered at Mayo Clinic by Landon Trost and Joshua Savage. "Above all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for performing the procedure that helped to produce my wonderful daughter ***!  The work you do changes lives for the better.  Keep doing your miracles, but don't forget to get some rest from time to time!"
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