Interstate and International Travel


85% of our surgical (vas reversal / Peyronie's / microTESE) patients are interstate or international.  As the majority of our patients have to travel to visit with us, we have put together a few resources that we hope will be helpful. Be sure to check out the hotels page for special discounts for our patients! If you find any additional resources that you would like us to include, please feel free to send them to us via email, and we will include them going forward.

Planning Your Stay

The nearest airport to our clinic is the Salt Lake City International Airport. To facilitate your travel arrangements, select from the link options below for more information on special hotel pricing, planning your travel, and nearby entertainment.


Click for more information on special hotel pricing for our patients.


Click for more information on available transportation and estimated prices.

Food and Entertainment

Click for more information on available food and entertainment options near Orem.

Our Out of State Patients

US patient Map updated 4-26-22

Blue pins represent individuals, red pins represent 50+ people. We have served patients from all 50 states!  (Last updated April 2022)

Our International Patients

International Patient Map

*We have served patients from 16 different countries.

Nearby Pharmacies

The closest pharmacy to our clinic is Salmon Drug. It's just a two minute drive! The following are the approximate charges for the post-op pain prescription (given to vasectomy reversal patients).

  • 20 pills - $16
  • 40 Pills - $23
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