Cancellation Policy

Note: these policies were established so that we could continue to offer vasectomy reversals for the lowest prices in the US.  Since the far majority of our patients travel from other states / countries, it is often difficult to fill cancellation slots within 2 weeks (i.e. getting flights, etc.).  Without these policies, the prices of reversal surgeries would be 30-40% higher.


  • Surgery must be cancelled at least 2 weeks before the date of surgery to qualify for a full refund.
  • If surgery is cancelled within 2 weeks of the surgery date, 50% of the surgery price will be withheld. If the slot is successfully filled, the 50% will also be refunded. 
  • If surgery is cancelled within 1 business day of the reversal, the full price of surgery will be withheld and no refund issued.
  • Patients who cancel a 2nd time within 2 weeks will forfeit the full price of surgery with the 2nd and any subsequent surgeries which are cancelled within the 2-week window.
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