How Our Prices Are the Lowest in the United States

#1 Unnecessary Costs are Eliminated

Dr. Trost was the first in the world to describe epididymovasostomies in the office setting.  This dramatically reduced prices by eliminating the facility and anesthesia fees

#2 High Volume

We perform among the most vasectomy reversals of any practice in the US.  This high volume allows us to cut costs both through purchasing as well as reducing the overhead per case.

#3 Our Surgeons Charge Less

The most expensive fee with a vasectomy reversal is the surgeon salary.  Our clinic philosophy is that we never want our personal gain to prevent someone from being able to have a baby.  Because of this, our surgeon fee is currently $0.

Surgical Quality

Despite the lower costs, the surgery remains of the highest quality and is identical to the surgery that Dr. Trost and Josh Savage previously performed at the Mayo Clinic.  The standard surgery includes use of an operating microscope, 8-0, 9-0, or 10-0 sutures, double-layered microscopic anastomosis, and inclusion of epididymovasostomy when indicated.

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