Know more about the recovery time for a vasectomy reversal

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Like with any important surgery, resting in the correct way will optimize the success of a vasectomy reversal. It’s important to prepare for a limit to strenuous activities, including activities at work, and to prepare for sexual intercourse in way that will ensure to limit the risk for injury.

The recommended recovery time is eight weeks, so strenuous activities should be avoided for this duration. It’s important to limit any kind of movement that pulls on the vas, which can include high reaching, bending, twisting, heavy coughing, arching your back, jogging or certain types of exercises, such as lunges.

The main point of resting is to avoid the two ends of the vas pulling apart, so this is also the reason that penetrative sex should also be avoided for at least four weeks. At that point, the man can be on top or to the side but intercourse should be gentle, particularly avoiding anything that pushes or pulls on the scrotum. At 8 weeks, the healing process should be far enough along that the woman can be on top. In general, ejaculation can occur and is actually encouraged as early as one to two weeks in order to keep the sewed tubes open.

As far as pain is concerned, it could be experienced for just a few days or continue for several weeks or more if it was a simple repair. Alternatively, it may take weeks to months or longer for pain to subside if it was a more complex procedure. The type of discomfort may be relatively similar to the original vasectomy in some cases if you had a simple reversal procedure. Chronic pain is possible, although it is less common and may be related to factors such as lower back injuries.

When deciding how much time to ask off from work, consider the nature of what you do on the job. Desk duties mean that you can return sooner, but more strenuous work – especially with what is outlined above – means that you should stay home and rest longer.

Planning for the best outcome even before the surgery takes place will go a long way toward making sure your reversal is a success. To find out more about, go to the Vasectomy Reversal section on our website.

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