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Want to Do More?

Patients constantly ask us for testimonials on others' experiences.  If you would be interested in sharing a video testimonial, we would be happy to reimburse you for your time ($50 for each topic, maximum of $150). You may request to have it removed from our website at any time.

Other Guidance and Comments for Videos

  • You can film yourself using your phone or any method you choose

  • May sent it to email@mfp.clinic or using a 3rd party transfer software such as wetransfer.com.

  • 30-60 seconds per topic is optimal

  • If you would like to submit more than 1, please send each as a separate file

  • We would typically include something below each video that indicates the general location where you are from.  Something like, "Patient from Vermont" or "Vasectomy Reversal Patient from Vermont."  If you do not want this included, please just let us know your wishes.  We will never include names, cities, or other highly-specific identifiers.

  • Potential topics could include: why you chose to do a reversal, why you chose MFPC, what your experience has been like, success stories, how your overall journey has been, or anything else you think would have been valuable to someone in your position before the reversal.

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