Post-op Restrictions

Unfortunately, yes.  One of the most common causes of failure of a reversal is when the two ends pull apart (known as 'dehiscence').  To reduce the chances of this happening, we recommend that you take it as easy as possible for a full 8 weeks.  This includes trying to limit bending, twisting, arching your back, or tensing your stomach muscles as much as possible.  Whenever you transition from sitting to standing or something similar, ideally, these movements should be done slowly. 

At the end of the 8 weeks, you should slowly ease back into normal activities over the following weeks.  That being said, you will still need to go on with your everyday life.  Walking and stairs are both ok.  Ideally, you should avoid walking long distances though (i.e. miles / kilometers), where possible.

This depends on the specific job.  If the job requires you to do aggressive activities, including lifting, bending, twisting, or similar things, ideally we would want you to take as much time off of work as you can (up to 8 weeks).  If, however, you have a job where you are more sedentary (i.e. sitting at a desk), then you can resume work whenever you feel comfortable.  Most people will be comfortable returning within one week. 

  • You are recommended to have intercourse on the day prior to ovulation, day of ovulation, and day after ovulation, beginning with the first month after surgery.  However, for the first two months, you should be extremely careful to avoid pushing on the scrotum.  If you are unable to do so, you may wish to ejaculate into a cup and instill the semen using a syringe instead.  This is an exception to the recommendations noted below. 
  • Starting at 8 weeks, the female can be on top with intercourse.  Care should still be taken for several weeks to avoid excessive pressure or pulling on the scrotum to avoid damaging the repair. 

In general, we recommend waiting 1 week until you submerge the wound in water.  If the incision opens, we would recommend waiting until the incision has fully closed.  Also, you will want to limit activities such as swimming until you are ideally 8 weeks out from surgery to reduce the likelihood of the area of repair pulling apart.

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