Penile Photos - Peyronie's Disease

Please send us pictures of your Peyronie's Disease

As odd as that sounds, please email us pictures of your Peyronie's Disease, including pictures of curvature, hourglass deformities, indentations, and post-operative / post-injection treatments.  We've found that patients most often want to see images demonstrating the various possible deformities and what is normal following various treatments.  Please only send pictures if you are ok with us posting them on the web (not linked to your name of course).  If you are willing to send pictures, please send them to, and we will work to classify them into useful categories for the education of other men with Peyronie's Disease.

***Please note that the following images are graphic in nature given the underlying disease process***

Photos of Peyronie's Disease

Rightward Curvatures

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Moderate Isolated Rightward Curvature

Photo demonstrating rightward penile curvature from a dorsal (top down) view.  Curvature is located in the mid-shaft of the penis with minimally-visible indentation / hourglass deformity from this view.  Curvature would be classified as moderate (30-60 degrees).  Pure lateral and ventral (downward) curvatures are less common than upward curvatures.

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Proximal Rightward Curvature

Photo demonstrating rightward penile curvature located in the proximal shaft (near the base of the penis).  Sometimes, when men have a curvature like this as well as a prepubic fat pad, if the fat pad is pushed back into the body, the curvature is actually identified near the midshaft of the penis.  In cases where the curvature is truly at the base of the penis, this can be challenging to repair surgically, and it often will respond to Xiaflex to some degree (no scientific publications looking specifically at this though).  Thankfully, men with this curvature often do not experience any difficulties with penetration, since the main part of the shaft of the penis remains straight.

Hourglass Deformities

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Mild Hourglass Deformity

Photo demonstrating mild (<10% indentation) hourglass deformity from a dorsal (top down) view.  Notching is able to be visualized on each side of the penis, which is what characterizes this as an hourglass deformity versus indentation alone.  Hourglass and indentation deformities are prone to buckling and softened / tapered erections distal to the region of hourglass.

Moderate Hourglass Deformity

Photo demonstrating moderate (10-25% narrowing) hourglass deformity from an atypical, head-on view (not typically used for clinical / research purposes).  Notching is more readily seen than with a mild deformity.

Severe Hourglass Deformity

Photo demonstrating severe (>25% narrowing) hourglass deformity.

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